The concept of the miasm was first introduced by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, a brilliant medical doctor and human being who most deservedly, albeit post-humously and obviously very belatedly, should be awarded a Nobel Prize in Medicine for his phenomenal contribution to mankind for founding and developing homeopathy, against all odds.

This site is dedicated to health and the investigation of miasmatic theory and is based on the experience and observation of the author, Dr. Stefan Adrian Brose.

Currently, the author's research leads him to define a miasm as a hereditary genetic energetic disturbance or burden which can, over time, potentially involve relatively serious organic compromise, the expression of which also depends on a multitude of endogenous and exogenous factors. These factors possess a natural tropism for the site of miasmatic predominance or burden as it represents the body's energetic weak-spot.

Miasms may derive their power through the "memory of water". a phenomenon demonstrated through Dr. Masaru Emoto's magnificant work involving water crystal photography, whereby, and by extension, the author postulates, an "imprint" upon the organism's predominantly affected organ's (organs' or region's) liquid crystal matrix is "engraved", such that an actual conformational change at the DNA level results. It is in this postulated conformational change of DNA structure that variation from potentially optimal expression may reside and through which miasmatic burdens might then exert their deleterious effects.

Mankind finds itself at the frontier of irrefutably and convincingly demonstrating, through recourse to modern energetic devices, that miasms are at the very heart of disease expression, most probably also playing a defining role in the development of the individual's physical, mental, and emotional traits, much as homeopaths suspected since the time of its founder 250 years ago.

Miasm Research

It has been my unique privilege, along with a friend of mine, originally an electronics engineer now turned functional homeopath, who prefers anonymity, without whom this endeavour would have proven impossible, to conclusively establish through the combination of different contemporary energetic devices, the critical role played by certain phenomena, designated since the inception of homeopathy through its inspiring founder, Dr. Sammuel Hahnemann, by the name of miasms.

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Miasms were and still are deemed by many homeopaths to be involved in determining physical, emotional and mental traits. They were considered insidious influences which resulted essentially from past exposures to epidemiological diseases, such as syphilis and gonorrhoea, Luesinum and Medorrhinum in homeopathic terms, respectively, and particularly, some believed, in those who survived because of medically suppressive interventions. Whilst major homeopathic figures like Dr. Hahnemann himself and Dr. James Tyler Kent, deemed miasms as pernicious influences responsible for disease and hence a burden on human existence, few made a genuine effort to directly address them in a systematic manner, unsurprisingly so really, since, until the latter half of the 20th century with the advent of electro-acupuncture by Dr. Reinhold Voll (EAV), detection depended on the homeopath’s capacity for keen observation. With EAV and Dr. Schimmel’s continued development of the concept of energetic diagnosis through the VEGA system, a handful of small schools arose practicing what was coined Functional Homeopathy. (more)

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