The concept of the miasm was first introduced by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, a brilliant medical doctor and human being who most deservedly, albeit post-humously and obviously very belatedly, should be awarded a Nobel Prize in Medicine for his phenomenal contribution to mankind for founding and developing homeopathy, against all odds.

This site is dedicated to health and the investigation of miasmatic theory and is based on the experience and observation of the author, Dr. Stefan Adrian Brose.

Currently, the author's research leads him to define a miasm as a hereditary genetic energetic disturbance or burden which can, over time, potentially involve relatively serious organic compromise, the expression of which also depends on a multitude of endogenous and exogenous factors. These factors possess a natural tropism for the site of miasmatic predominance as it represents the energetic weak-spot.

Miasms may derive their power through the "memory of water". a phenomenon demonstrated through Dr. Masaru Emoto's magnificant work involving water crystal photography, whereby, and by extension, the author postulates, an "imprint" upon the organism's predominantly affected organ's (organs' or region's) liquid crystal matrix is "engraved", such that an actual conformational change at the DNA level results. It is in this postulated conformational change of DNA structure that variation from potentially optimal expression may reside and through which miasmatic burdens might then exert their deleterious effects.

Mankind finds itself at the frontier of irrefutably and convincingly demonstrating, through recourse to modern energetic devices, that miasms are at the very heart of disease expression, most probably also playing a defining role in the development of the individual's physical, mental, and emotional traits, much as homeopaths suspected since the time of its founder 250 years ago.

Miasm Research

It has been my unique privilege, along with a friend of mine, originally an electronics engineer now turned functional homeopath, who prefers anonymity, without whom this endeavour would have proven impossible, to conclusively establish through the combination of different contemporary energetic devices, the critical role played by certain phenomena, designated since the inception of homeopathy through its inspiring founder, Dr. Sammuel Hahnemann, by the name of miasms.

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Miasms were and still are deemed by many homeopaths to be involved in determining physical, emotional and mental traits. They were considered insidious influences which resulted essentially from past exposures to epidemiological diseases, such as syphilis and gonorrhoea, Luesinum and Medorrhinum in homeopathic terms, respectively, and particularly, some believed, in those who survived because of medically suppressive interventions. Whilst major homeopathic figures like Dr. Hahnemann himself and Dr. James Tyler Kent, deemed miasms as pernicious influences responsible for disease and hence a burden on human existence, few made a genuine effort to directly address them in a systematic manner, unsurprisingly so really, since, until the latter half of the 20th century with the advent of electro-acupuncture by Dr. Reinhold Voll (EAV), detection depended on the homeopath’s capacity for keen observation. With EAV and Dr. Schimmel’s continued development of the concept of energetic diagnosis through the VEGA system, a handful of small schools arose practicing what was coined Functional Homeopathy.

Functional Homeopaths, when presented with a patient, sought to systematically homeopathically neutralize the miasms and nosodes they detected with these machines. The caveat: Neutralization of miasms implied taking numerous drops laboriously and tediously for two to three months! Granted the patient often improved more or less obviously, depending on pathology, but the time-span was such that in many cases cause and effect were so distanced that no one really took notice besides possibly the patient and more often the homeopath.

It was only after acquiring and upon receiving an FScan2, a frequency synthesizer from TB-Electonics GmbH, Switzerland, which my friend had heard of as being a potentially interesting piece of energetic equipment, that intuition led me to suggest hooking up1 the FScan2 with the VEGA Expert System. Intuitively, the concepts of frequency generation and bio-resonance seemed to be compatible to me. The idea did not phase my friend, having been a passionate electronics engineer, and he promptly set it up. Upon confirming my suspicion and witnessing the potential synergies between the equipment, I promptly suggested neutralizing the actual miasms through the FScan2 by seeking recourse to the CAFL tables to identify the suggested resonant frequency(ies) of the respective miasms, an idea at which my good friend initially balked but soon after embraced with his typically enthusiastic and adventurous spirit, applying the various miasmatic resonant frequencies to himself first and registering the reactions. A two month affair of miasmatic neutralization had suddenly transformed itself into a 45min session when two or three miasms were involved.

Progress accelerated further when I suggested neutralizing the miasms with the person’s individual frequency instead of seeking recourse to the CAFL frequencies. One was often resonant with four or five CAFL frequencies, a fact that translated into neutralizing one single miasm for 20 to 25 minutes. As predicted, the individual frequency as determined through a simple procedure using the synergistic capabilities of the setup enabled the determination of a practically infallible resonant frequency that would usually neutralize the miasm “completely”, that is, beyond the detection capability of the VEGA Expert System. A 20 minute affair of neutralizing one single miasm was now reduced to 5 minutes!

Eventually, the entire family experienced the setup, except my wife who was wary of everything energetic, all with notable benefit. Most importantly what one had now though was a setup which enabled one to observe cause and effect of the miasmatic burden within the shortest of time-frames, often minutes and sometimes days, depending on the ailment. Needless to say, one was in complete awe at the revelation of the power of the miasmatic burden. Suddenly one had access to a system which allowed one to energetically neutralize everything from miasms to nosodes to energetic scar foci to energetically detectable infections and infestations. Needless to say, the results were utterly dumbfounding and awe-inspiring. The implications made one shudder.

It was through the ONDAMED, however, an exceptional PEMF unit, that an entirely new level of success was attained, enabling one to achieve a far more effective and overall balanced energetic result. The device enables one to ascertain a set of uncanny universal cardinal frequencies based on light and musical tones which, when properly chosen through the Nogier bio-feedback method, are supremely effective at neutralizing all types of energetic burdens, specifically everything ranging from miasms, to nosodes, to energetic scar foci, to energetic parasitic infestations, to energetic bacterial and viral infections, to energetic emotional trauma, to energetic heavy metal poisoning. The device never ceases to amaze me at just how effortlessly it is capable of clearing, with a mere pair or two of frequency sets, the multitude of energetic phenomena that an individual may present with and which are detactable through the VEGA Expert. Indeed, even the VEGA Expert chakras are addressed. Furthermore, the individual resonant pre-selected programs often also surprise one to the extent that they regularly pin-point additional energetic balancing that the individual may require.

It is clear today that there are much more than a handful of these energetic phenomena, contrary to what initially was surmised, and that they are all energetic in nature. To anyone in the healthcare field with a minimally open mind, it is obvious that they are intimately involved in the actual expression of disease. Organ(s) which are predominantly burdened by their influence, find themselves weakened, compromising not only their function but also disturbing the energetic balance as seen through the Chinese Medicine energetic organ interrelationship model. Neutralizing them with the appropriate resonant frequency frequently abates any symptoms or clinical findings that may have manifested themselves.

The stunning revelation here then is that miasms actually are involved in determining most disease expression and that they are indeed energetic in nature since they can readily be neutralized through the use of certain energetic devices by applying the proper patient-specific resonant frequencies.

And, whilst it is obvious that diseases stem from a myriad of contributory causes, the most notable being the nutritionally deprived and chemically laden food one eats, the tainted water one drinks and cooks with, misguided dental work or procedures one submitted oneself to, ones' lifestyle, and, increasingly, the polluted environment, including everything from EMF to smog to chemical pollution, the most prominent factors are, firstly, genetic on the actual molecular level, and, secondly, and foremost of all though, for these are the most common, what I term the energetic genetic factor, namely, the miasmatic burden. The former relates to the less frequent but relevant chromosomal aberrations which predictably correlate precisely with specific pathological states. The latter, however, relates to alterations which I suspect cannot be discerned by gene sequencing. The energetic imprint of a miasm on the living matrix with its organized semi-crystalline structure induces, I postulate, simultaneously, a relative disruption of metabolic pathways and processes and a conformational change in the genome; hence it disturbs optimal living matrix "communication" and the optimal expression of certain genes in the organ(s) in which it is predominantly seated, thereby rendering it(them) weak and susceptible.

Most excitingly then, whilst little can yet be achieved when dealing with a genetic error on the actual molecular level, the energetic genetic factor, namely, the miasmatic burden, can easily be rectified by applying the correct resonant frequency(ies).

The relative miasmatic burden can be readily demonstrated and pinpointed by seeking recourse to bio-resonance devices and Computerised Electro-dermal Screening machines like the VEGA Expert. However, the entire miasmatic burden is difficult if not impossible to glean with most equipment, for it reveals itself in the form of shells, the outermost shell being the only presently apparent or rather detectable. Neutralization through a frequency device reveals the next layer beneath as soon as it has had the opportunity to express itself, usually a period ranging from a day or two to a week or two, something that seems dependent on both age and vitality. Again, usually only the next layer is exposed and subsequent neutralization of this one is paramount to enable the detection of the next potential layer and so on, until one reaches a point where no further miasms are detectable.

Miasmatic expression, I have found, presents the following peculiarities:

  1. Miasms clearly weaken organs energetically and functionally;
  2. Miasmatically burdened organ(s), or regions can frequently experience quick relief of whatever ailment or disease process afflicts it through specific miasmatic energetic neutralization, the rapidity of relief depending on the age of the patient, her/his vitality, and, most particularly, on the degree of impregnation and consequent blockage present (vide notions of homotoxicology);
    1. The aforementioned blockages can typically arise from the errant administration of conventional medication (again, vide theories of homotoxicology), vaccination damage, energetic scar foci, heavy metal poisoning, and the chronic nature of the disease process.
  3. The total number of miasms which reside in an organ, organs, or region simultaneously in the outer shell determines the gravity of compromise of that organ, organs, or region; the other shells also have a bearing, particularly when they superimpose themselves on the outer shell's organ(s) or region.
  4. Three miasms or more residing simultaneously in an organ, organs, or region determine increasingly serious energetic and potential functional compromise, and hence the gravity of the disease process is proportional to the number of concurrently apparent miasms in the same organ(s) or region;
  5. The greater the number and the more clustered the miasms in the smaller the area of predominance the greater the functional compromise, although this may sometimes be compensated for by an unusually healthy lifestyle;
  6. A seriously debilitating illness, like Ulcerative colitis, for instance, presented with 5 simultaneous miasms in the submucosa of the sigmoid colon on the very first outer level;
  7. Miasmatically burdened sites are areas of relative weakness and are prone to "attack" by any energetically untoward event or extraneous aggressor;
  8. Miasmatically burdened sites are often an area of infection/infestation, so much so that these may actually mask the miasmatic layer;
  9. Miasmatically burdened sites are often the site of deposition of iatrogens, including energetic signatures of vaccines which have proven themselves manifestly nefarious, the latter’s neutralization determining an improved total and local energetic status;
  10. Miasmatically burdened sites are frequently the site of energetic heavy metal deposition;
  11. Emotional traumas seem to present a "reflection" of the patients miasmatic burden, as if they served as self-fulfilling prophecy of the patients emotional experience in life, hence the liver/gall bladder patient experiences "miasmatic forming" anger whilst the pancreatic patient "miasmatic forming" grief, an observation that has yet to be properly confirmed;
  12. Nosodes, another energetic phenomenon, akin to miasms in that their presence translates into a hereditary burden and weakens the organ(s) or region and potentially compromises their respective function(s) where they are predominant, often populate lower/deeper level shells. They frequently present in great numbers, sometimes ranging from four to 25 and can represent significant clinical compromise!
  13. After the neutralization of a shell of miasms or nosodes, one quite often finds that, left unaddressed for over a few weeks, the next predominantly burdened miasmatic site may become beleaguered by energetically diagnosable germs whose presence may or may not be clinically manifested, albeit more often than not the latter is the case. These manifestations often disappear after longer spells. The interpretation I have given this phenomenon is that once the predominantly weak maismatically burdened site has been neutralized2, the next predominantly weak maismatically burdened site comes to the fore as if it, only now, has been able to truly express itself, having formerly been too suppressed to do so. Depending on the age of the patient and the energetic burden at the next level/shell, compromise may or may not have a clinical expression; for instance, indigestion in the case of the pancreas, a feeling of fullness or headaches in the case of the bile ducts and liver, or headaches in the case of the CNS involvement. Adaptation to the new energetic environment eventually ensues, the rythmn at which it does though most probably depending on the energetic reserve and vitality of the individual.
  14. Whilst successive neutralization of miasmatic burdens is not a must, it is clear that, left untouched, the next energetically burdened site may at some point find itself triggered by an extraneous event, an evident case in point being my youngest son’s double-layered miasmatic burden on certain structures of the eye which were apparently causing a relatively severe vernal conjunctivitis with threat of pterygium formation!
  15. Those patients who are less miasmatically beleaguered live longer, healthier lives... provided they do not poison themselves with unwholesome food and water and avoid other forms of serious stress and intoxication.
  16. From observation, the number of energetic shells a person possesses may range from two or three, a rare phenomenon, to well more than 20!
  17. Neutralizing miasms in children and the elderly can be quite risky I feel, the former, because, after neutralization, the next miasmatic layer/shell may come to the fore at a higher speed than anticipated and may express itself with full might, potentially being the cause of enuresis, high fevers, an unjustifiable incredible emotional anxiety, in the case of Bacillinum, and the latter, because of potential energetic and biochemical blockages (vide concepts of homotoxicology) which may be dissolved, thereby releasing life-long accumulated toxins. In this instance, homotoxicology and adequate hydration play a more crucial role than ever, more so since hydration is naturally low in the elderly.
  18. Patients who are severely ill and particularly those who have been on prolonged medication may have detoxification reactions after energetic neutralization simply because toxins are released subsequently. Again, homotoxicology can play a supporting role in overcoming these situations.
  19. Regressions, healing crises, re-livings, or vicariations, contrary to what may be expected in homeopathy, homotoxicology and other forms of energy medicine are otherwise a relatively rare occurrence, with the exception of patients mentioned in points 17 and 18, when using these frequency synthesizers or pulsed electromagnetic frequency devices.
  20. Miasms, when in their first, second and third generations, frequently occupy the seat of their original aggression. Accordingly, for example, Malaria and Malaria tropica will find themselves lodged in the nerves and senses, blood and spleen, whilst Tuberculinum and Bacillinum will find themselves preferentially seated in the lungs.
    1. I currently hypothesize that the greatest disturbance to organ function occurs when it resides in its organ(s) of original "onslaught".
    2. The miasm itself does not necessarily, indeed it usually does not, determine an expression of disease identical to its origin. The Tuberculinum miasm will not necessarily lead to tuberculosis and the Carcinosinum miasm will not always lead to the development of a carcinoma.
  21. It has become exceedingly clear that both types of hereditary energetic burdens, miasms and nosodes, are readily neutralized by using either their respective individual resonant frequencies as determined through the VEGA Expert or by applying specific frequencies determined through the Nogier bio-feedback method through an appropriate Pulsed Electromagnetic Frequency (PEMF) device, and that, once neutralized, relapses3 of these energetic burdens are a truly rare event.

Yet to be demonstrated to the author's satisfaction:

That miasms weaken the predominant organ(s) or region(s) where they reside to an extent where the age at which the individual addresses this weakness through energetic
means determines to what degree the organ(s) or region(s) have become exhausted and can still be recovered. This concept would translate into a varying potential for recovery depending on the time elapsed until energetic neutralization.

That miasms are never really fully neutralized but merely remain beyond detection of the instrument at hand, something that may not prove too relevant since current neutralization offers considerable improvement of one’s condition.

Other important miasmatic considerations:
Miasms and nosodes may simply be considered energetic imprints in the liquid crystalline structure of the living matrix, much like the scar foci which may ensue from physical trauma and surgery, all compromising energetic flow within the living matrix and along the affected respective meridians, something that seems to relate to an individual’s capacity to compensate, thereby creating compromise, at least in the long-run. This would probably explain the relaitve ease with which these phenomena can be addressed through frequency synthesizers and PEMF devices.

Further, I postulate that the initial energetic insult, be it an epidemic disease, severe emotional trauma, adverse vaccination reaction - this last situation I suspect to be more often related to the two former situations due to the phenomenon of energetic overlap - severe intoxication, poisoning or any other energetically aggressive event, determines a kink, a conformational change, a relative deformation, in the genome of the predominantly affected site(s) with repercussions in the layout of the entire surrounding living matrix and, through resonance at a "distance", a corresponding kink in the respective area of the gametes; hence the potential origin of the hereditary energetic genetic factor.
If, on the one hand, we are dealt with a distinct set of cards at the onset of life, on the other hand, new cards, that is, new energetic onslaughts throughout life, will increasingly affect our genetic make-up, something that obviously would explain why women have a higher risk of bearing off-spring with birth-defects with increasing age. Women's germ cell populations change little from early life and their tendency for sponaneous abortions and indeed giving birth to children with malformations will hence largely depend on the initial miasmatic and other energetic burdens she is born with as well as the accumulated energetic burden throughout life until she gives birth to a certain child.

It would seem that men potentially contribute more of a "wild-card" to the energetic burden of off-spring to the extent that this burden would have to affect chromossomal content at the spermatogenic cell level where gamete production is ongoiing and also to the degree more or less unfortuitous, or indeed, fortuitous, energetic events strike during the life of a generation of spermatozoa, the hero member of which fertilizes the oocyte. Indeed, I surmise that the fellows leading the pack are probably the least miasmatically burdened of their generation!

1Hooked up does not entail an actual physical connection between energetic diagnostic (VEGA Expert) and the energetic application device(FScan2), but rather merely an energetic one. Further explanation provided for the healthcare and scientific community. Registration and log in required.

2Neutralization implies that the miasmatic signature can no longer be detected by the bio-resonance device.
3Relapses, or rather, apparent relapses, refers to a situation which exceedingly rarely occurs when the energetic diagnostic device, in this case the VEGA Expert, indicates a 100% neutralization immediately after frequency or PEMF application and which, in fact, upon next viewing, reveals a certain residual percentage of the miasm or nosode, as demonstrable upon the next viewing. it would seem then that what one is confronted with is not a relapse but rather incomplete neutralization.

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